The Harrisonburg-Rockingham Sports Commission (HRSC) is a nonprofit organization formed with the purposes of informing, educating and inspiring individuals in the area about sport and physical activity.


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Education is an important part of the mission of the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Sports Commission. Our goal is to provide the community with important information about sport and physical activity. Major professional sport continues to grow in popularity, but is becoming increasingly more expensive. The professional model of sport continues to have an impact on all other levels, including youth sport. Children are continuing to play organized youth sport. However, there are so many options now between travel teams and recreational leagues, it is sometimes difficult to choose. In addition, many coaches are requesting their players be engaged in one sport year round. Should your child specialize in one sport or play many? These are choices that parents and children must make together. Along with us, you may have also noticed a trend within the United States toward more sedentary lifestyles. While technology is great, it can also be blamed for this trend. Various technologies and video games dominate the time of many children and adults alike. 

While there are many challenges, there are also many opportunities. We would like to help and provide important educational information about some of these challenges. In particular, we have outlined some important information about the obesity epidemic youth sport participation, sportsmanship/citizenshipsport safety, and disability sport. We hope you find this information helpful and as we have new information we will include it on the site.